Habanero Peppers

Fiery and flavorful, Habanero peppers are known for their intense heat and fruity flavour, making them a popular choice for adding spice to dishes. Available in vibrant shades of red, green, yellow, and orange, habaneros are a favourite among spice enthusiasts but while the colours might be playful, their heat packs a serious punch.

Despite their small size, habanero peppers are packed with vitamins A and C, as well as capsaicin, which is responsible for their fiery heat.

A little goes a long way with habaneros. Add to salsas, hot sauces, or marinades for a fiery kick and for a unique smoky flavour, try charring them before adding them to soups or stews. Wash hands after handling habaneros and avoid touching your eyes as the oils can cause irritation.

Store unwashed Habaneros in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator. They can also be pickled or dried for a longer shelf life.